Nowadays, pets involved in families became one of the members. Bring people many benefits. Here, in the pet blogs, we introduce information about the pet. We tell how to choose a pet, pet’s habits, pet’s knowledge.

Also, we introduce cat products, including pet food, automatic cat feeder, automatic pet fountain, pet tracker, pet toy and so on. We also introduce the pet product manufacturers, some pet service brand. How to choose pet products? How to find the manufacturer? Hope to give suggestions for the consumer.

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dog food allergy

Can dogs eat cat food?

Although dogs and cats are both pets, they have very different diets. Dogs are carnivores and cats are carnivores. This difference makes their food needs and digestion abilities different. Therefore, the diets of dogs and cats should be differentiated. Therefore, the topic of whether dogs can eat cat food has always been controversial. This article …

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cat litter

How to choose cat litter? Introduce several kinds of cat litter

People may ask how to choose cat litter? Cat litter and choosing it has much knowledge: How is the water absorption, absorbent litter forms strength, dust-free, odor control, everything should be good. Cats like to use it, and the owner also shovels comfortably. Judy summed up the main advantages and disadvantages of popular cat litter …

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