Cat’s bad habit – drink water by claw

We always find that cats don’t drink water directly by the tongue. They like to dip the claw in the water, and then lick and drink the water on the claw, Is that a good habit? How to help them drink? Let’s read.

Cat’s regular drinking habits

  • The sinful little paw reaches out to the water bowl.
The cat uses the paws to drink water in a small bowl
  • Sometimes even the claws are extended to the human cup…
Cat drinking water with a paw in a cup

Studies describe that the cat’s paw should be kept dry, If too wet too many times will cause the breed of bacteria and inflammation disease on the paw.

Why do they use claw? Study fount that is to protect their Beards. They don’t want their beards to always touch the water bowl, which can make them feel annoyed or even collapse.

A cat’s beard is a sensitive and important organ

The cat’s beard is not just a facial decoration, it is also a super sensitive organ.

At the end of the cat’s beard, there is a type of sensing device called the proprioceptor.

It can collect information about the surrounding texture, strength, and distance according to the touching object and even the vibrating air, then convert the stimulation signal into nerve impulses to convey to the nerve center.

Vibrate Air? The cat’s beard is very powerful. They also use the beard to feel the small changes in the air to help hunt.

Determine the position of the furniture in the dark, and measure whether the space distance can accommodate the cat drilling and out.

Cat sensitive beard

So, if your water bowl is too narrow, the beard will touch the inner walls on both sides of the water bowl every time the cat drinks water. This can lead to whisker fatigue.

What is the solution? Drink more water, not wet the claw.

In order to help the cat drink more water and not wet its claw, we need to prepare a bowl enough large, or a large cat electric drink fountain, we mainly suggest the drinking fountain.

Electric drinking fountain picture

Why do we suggest the cat electric water fountain?

  • Firstly, the cats prepare to drink the flowing water. The cat fountain can supply continual flowing water, but the power consumption is low.
  • Secondly, the fountain can prevent the cat’s beard from touching the internal wall of the water container. The cats don’t need to use the paw dip and drink. This keeps the cat’s paw dry and avoids the breed of bacteria and inflammation disease on the paw.
  • Thirdly, the high-quality water fountain has a circulating filtration system that uses a replaceable charcoal filter to purify the water and remove hair, dirt, and food particles. It provides fresh clean water to your lovely pets.
  • The low-power LED director helps attract the cat to drink water and decorate the room.


Why do cats like to use their claws to drink water? It wants to protect its beard, A Wet paw is not good. Most of them are not satisfied with the water container, Let’s prepare a cat water fountain for the cat.

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