How to choose cat litter? Introduce several kinds of cat litter

People may ask how to choose cat litter? Cat litter and choosing it has much knowledge: How is the water absorption, absorbent litter forms strength, dust-free, odor control, everything should be good. Cats like to use it, and the owner also shovels comfortably.

Judy summed up the main advantages and disadvantages of popular cat litter on the market, choosing tips and using methods. Hope this can help the owners choose the suit one. Also, we can choose the automatic cat feeder when we have a short trip outside, to help the cat drink enough water.

How to choose cat litter

Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of cat litter

There are different kinds of cat litter on the market. These are bentonite clay cat litter, clumping cat litter, silica cat litter, and biodegradable cat litter. The biodegradable cat litter includes Tofu cat litter, recycled paper cat litter, and plant-derived (pine, wheat, corn beet pup, soybeans, and so on)

1. Recycled Paper cat litter

The Recycled Paper cat litter is mainly made of waste paper, which is green, easy to clean, and light in weight! Partially added activated carbon.

Advantages: The texture is softer than the wood chip litter, the particles are small, the color is gray after the urine is wet, easy to identify, convenient to clean in time, and the paper cat litter processing method can be directly poured into the toilet and washed away, and the operation is simple.

Disadvantages: The paper cat litter is easy to wet, the condensation power is weak, the water absorption is not much, it is easy to become a paste, stick to the hair and the body, and the deodorizing function is so so.

Recycled Paper cat litter

2. Bentonite cat litter

Bentonite cat litter is the closest to the original sand, and the touch is the best, so the cat’s acceptance will be higher, but it is more difficult to carry.

Advantages: Very good water absorption, excellent odor control, low price, suitable for multi-cat families.

Disadvantages: Dust is relatively large, easy to take out, and it is necessary to clean the floor frequently.

Bentonite cat litter

3. Silica cat litter

Silica cat litter also called crystal cat litter, is a translucent granular material with a main component of silica.

Advantages: The absorption capacity is super strong, the color will change after water absorption, easy to identify,

convenient to clean in time, has certain anti-mold and anti-bacterial functions, strong odor control function, hygienic and beautiful, dust-free.

Disadvantages: Silica cat litter is a small round particle, easy to eat, it’s dangerous for health. The clumping is not good, the price is high, and it cannot be poured into the soil or the toilet when clean. It can only be discarded in the trash can.

Silica cat litter

4. Tofu cat litter

Tofu cat litter is made from bean curd residue and belongs to eco-friendly natural food-grade cat litter, which can be decomposed by nature.

  • It’s eco-friendly, waste recycled, and can be directly flushed in the toilet. Easy to clean.
  • Natural ingredients, beans taste, a variety of upgrades (including tofu Chinese medicine litter, tofu color-changing litter, tofu pine core litter, tofu corn core litter),
  • Add flavors, carbon, dust-free, and odor control well.
  • The price is acceptable.

Disadvantages: It is easy to grow insects in summer or in a humid environment. The quality isn’t all good. Some poor-quality tofu sands can not be used anymore.

Tofu cat litter

5. Pine cat litter

Pine cat litter is a kind of eco-friendly cat litter product, the raw material is recycled from pine, pulp, or wheat. It is naturally non-irritating.

Advantages: Good water absorption, natural non-irritating, good odor control function, easy to clean, less dust, not easy to be infiltrated, long service life.

Disadvantages: It is easy to get wet, and it is easy to parasitic fleas. For cats, the touch is rough, the wood smell may be disliked by some cats, and the wood powder is easily taken out of the basin, polluting the home.

Pine cat litter

Selection skills introduction

Many brands of cat litter are packed in small packages. Choose a few famous brands of cat litter to try out the cat one by one, see which one it likes, and then just decide. Try to choose eco-friendly, edible cat litter, especially for the pregnant cat.

How to use the cat litter?

  • Choose a suitable cat litter box, not easy to overset, and and easy to clean. Lay a clean litter in the cat box, about 3 inches thick.
  • Clean up the absorbent litter in time to keep it clean.
  • If there is more than one cat, you can shorten the cycle of replacing the litter, instead of putting too much litter in the litter box. We suggest a bag of 3.6L cat litter: one cat, one month, two cats, about 15 days, three cats, about 10 days.
  • Cat litter after adsorbent should be removed from the litter box in time. The whole cat litter and cat box should be cleaned completely regularly on time.
  • Put the litter box or litter in a clean, moisture-free place to extend its life.


According to the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cat litter, choosing tips, and using suggestions. We hope this article is useful. We recommend bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter, and pine cat litter, which are Good choices. But due to too many disadvantages of paper cat litter, crystal cat litter is not good to eat occasionally, so these two kinds we don’t suggest buying it.

Also, we can choose the automatic cat feeder when we have a short trip outside, to help the cat drink enough water.

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