How to help cats drink more water?

In the article, we shared the cat food smart device, cat food allergy. Also, we tell

drinking by claw is a bad habit. Let’s read, how to help cats drink more water.

Why should you worry about cats drinking water?

Concerning the cat drinking let us know the cat’s health. And enough water will ensure the cat’s health. But Honestly, most of us will seldom or extremely not see how much water our cat will drink.

Cat is one kind of catamount. They have the habit of getting water from their prey, like mice and alternative rodents. Now as our family, the cat takes more dry food, that contains very little water or moisture. The dry-food diet contains only 6–10% moisture. And the rats or tinned foods will contain more moisture, about 70-80% water. So we should be concerned about the cat drinking.

When the cats haven’t drunk enough water, will cause many health issues, even overheating, dehydration, and sickness, such as Diarrhea, Diabetes, Heatstroke, Kidney disease, Hyperthyroidism, and so on.

cat drink in a bowl

So how can cats drink more water?

Prepare clean water.

Cats like to drink clean water, and they are very sensitive to odor. If the owner can change the water very diligently, wash the basin every time, and add clean cold water, it will help the cat want to drink more water!

Prepare water containers – the cat likes to drink.

Some cats like to drink water with a human cup. The owner bought a cat-specific drink cup or bowl. Some cats often like to steal water from the washbasin. The owner bought a small washbasin as their special water. We will find the cat especially likes to drink the flowing water from the faucet. But the tap water is not clean. We suggest the cat drinking fountain, which is a small container, can make water with electrical equipment in the drinking fountain.

Choose the good container position

The cat is a very forgetful and very capricious animal, and it is also indistinguishable from what it is. When it is thirsty, it may not go far way to its basin. Instead, it will drink a bit of water from the owner’s cup and a little water on the wet bathroom floor. We can put the container in a good position, the cat will go through frequently.

Put more water container

The cat may not drink water now and forget it later when there is no drinking water. So there must be a basin of water next to the dry food, and also near the place where the cat likes to rest.

Set the flowing water

Many cats also like to drink clean and flowing water, so there are many products designed for this demand, such as the giant egg drinker, and waterfall drinking fountains. There are many cat owners who will DIY aquarium motor water fountains.

Suitable water temperature

In the winter, pour a cup of warm water on the cat. If it doesn’t drink, put a little water on your nose or let it lick. Then the cat will start to drink because it is warm. If it is summer, then pour it. Cold (not too iced) water to the cat.

Add water to the empty can

When feeding a cat, the cans will always leave crumbs and soup. You can pour a little bit of water into the empty can and shake it a little. On the one hand, you can clean the inside of the can. On the one hand, the water will have the taste of food. Cats will like it very much!

Prepare soft wet food

If the economy, feeding time, and cat’s physical condition… all aspects permit, it is recommended that the cat should occasionally eat some soft wet food, not only to add water but also to satisfy the cat’s desire to eat meat. For example, in canned food and homemade, the water content is much larger than in dry food.

Trigger cat curiosity

cat drink water

You can take a little bit of water in a strange container, and the cat will be curious to use its nose to smell the container. When finding the water, they can’t help to take some. There is also a faucet that will drip in front of the cat. They will also be curious to take some water.

Using needle irrigation

Take a syringe without a needle, wash it, use water as a medicine, and hold the cat and pour it from its teeth! The cat will reject it at first, but when there is water coming in from the teeth, it will definitely stick its tongue and drink, in case chokes water.

Do you like this article? Make some changes to help the cat drink more water.

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