Automatic Pet Feeder APP Frequently Asked Questions

The automatic pet feeder is very useful when we have a pet home, and we need to go to work every day or have a short trip. In the article “Tips to buy automatic pet feeder” we suggest the main concerns and problems when we make a decision to buy automatic pet feeders, Now the blogger Judy especially lists common problems and gives solutions on the APP, Please see below:

1. What issues should I pay attention to when setting up the app for the first time?

Automatic Pet Feeder

Once you get the pet feeder we need to set the app. In order to get a better user experience, the users need to approve the app’s permission, allowed to get location information and application access network. Also allowed to get voice function. Then connect the app and feeder according to the instructions.

2. What should we do when we cannot press the SET button to reset?

Turn off the power and then power it on again and reset it.

3. What should we do when the smartphone cannot connect to the device?

1) Check if the smart pet feeder is in a faulty condition.

Check the status of the power indicator light, and whether it is on the correct indication.

2) Check the smart pet feeder WiFi signal.

Search for the WiFi number of the smart pet feeder from your phone. Whether that’s in the correct condition. We can try to turn off and turn on the WiFi signal again.

4. Uninstall the pet feeder APP and reload it again.

Make sure that the authorized application gets the location information and the app’s access to the network.

Please follow the instructions and connect again.

Please enter the correct WiFi password; make sure that the phone is connected to the pet feeder WIFI and external network all the time. If the above methods cannot be resolved, please contact customer service.

5. Why WiFi connection is unstable?

Sometimes the WiFi connection between the mobile phone and pet feeder is not stable, It is possible that the connection is interference by other connections between the mobile phone and other devices. We can go to the “Phone Settings” option to connect manually. Due to this, there’s some risk of the feeder skipping over some meals. So we suggest the high-grade automatic pet feeder, that’s equipment with video. This we can monitor the pet’s feeding condition.

6. Why is the timed pet feeder not smooth?

1) Check the discharge port of the smart pet feeder. Whether there’s any food gets stuck. When there is food that gets stuck at the discharge port is blocked, the red indicator light will flash.

2) Check if the motor of the pet feeder is stuck by pet food.

7. How can we reconnect to a smart pet feeder when the network is not good?

The first method is to log out of the application, log in again, and wait for the application to be updated.

The second way: switch to the video interface and wait for the video to be refreshed.

8. Why can’t Android phones talk and take photos of the pet feeder?

Please confirm that you have authorized the program to use the camera and voice rights.

9. The capacity of the SD card and picture and video storage location.

The pet feeder can accept SD card storage 128G, and the storage location of pictures and videos (device SD card or mobile phone) can be set on the smartphone.

10. What kind of network does the pet feeder demand?

The smart pet feeder demands a wireless router that supports the 802.11bgn protocol and currently only supports 2.4G routers. No need for cell phone signals. Just ensure the smart pet feeder can connect to the network.

11. Multi-person sharing

Multi-person sharing is to bind a feeder through an account, and multiple mobile phones can be accessed by logging in to one account, and up to 8 mobile phones can be simultaneously online. Multi-person sharing can control the feeder, monitor, and talk separately. If you want multiple mobile phones to simultaneously video, you need the network where the feeder is located, and has enough high-speed network support.

12. The use of the battery

The normal smart pet feeder will have two methods to get a power supply: batteries or adapter. Since the power consumption of the camera module and the network module is relatively large, we will suggest using an adapter to power the feeder. The new battery can power the feeder for about 1 week.

13. APP upgrade

APP upgrade: The app will automatically check if there is a new version and hint a reminder. Just follow the prompts to upgrade your app.

14. Disconnect the account and the feeder

1) Open the app, click More → disconnect the device, and reset it.

2) Press the feeder “SET” button for several minutes until you get the signal to reset the device.

App download: follow the device instructions, or ask the servicer.


In this article, we reply to the Automatic Pet Feeder APP Frequently Asked Questions. We hope that can help you. Do you have other questions or comments? We also suggest a separate home security camera as an alternative choice.

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