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The thirteen common mistakes of pet feeding

list mistakes of dog feeding

People who love pets will subconsciously feed it food. In most cases, they don’t notice the danger of food. In fact, this is wrong. Jack will share fifteen common mistakes in pet feeding. Also, we have articles about dog food allergy and cat food allergy. Let’s see the normal mistakes of pet feeding.

Feeding sick dogs

Mistake 1: Snacks as a staple food

Living with pets, we can’t help but want to give them snacks. However, the main function of snacks is not to supplement the dog’s nutrition. Once the frequency of snacking increases, there is a danger of “only eating snacks and not eating staple foods”. Unrestrainedly snacks to pets, although they will make dogs happy, the negative effect of such behavior is too bad, not we can imagine.

Mistake 2: Milk + raw protein

Although the nutritional value of milk is high, cats and dogs are not easy to digest and absorb, which may cause diarrhea. Don’t feed cats with raw protein. Raw protein contains an antibiotic protein, the antibiotic protein can neutralize the important vitamins in cats and makes them reduce the ability to absorb vitamins.

Mistake 3: Animal Liver

Animal liver is full of nutrition of Vitamin A and others. The liver can be feed to pets, but don’t last long. It is easy to cause vitamin A poisoning. The animal liver tastes good for pets, we can feed one time several days. Don’t too much. I hope that you all know that weapons will not make fun of the dog’s character!

Mistake 4: Seafood

Squid, shellfish and many kinds of seafood contain some ingredients that are not suitable for cats. Eating too much can cause cat indigestion and gastrointestinal disorders. Some seafood can also cause inflammation of the cat’s skin. We can try and let the cat eat a small amount, no bad effect then feeding more.

Mistake 5: Bones

  • When we feed fish bones to cats, the cat is not careful when eating, has a high risk to get stuck in the throat. Moreover, the fish bones contain calcium and phosphorus, which can cause cat urinary system problem and stones, if consumed much for a long time.
  • The dog seems to like to eat bone, but dogs are easy to swallowing the small piece of bones to the stomach, that not chewing small completely. This often causes vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. And fishbone and chicken bone are easy to get stuck in the throat.
  • Eating bones is just a hobby for dogs. That’s not sure can help the dog grow more strong. We can feed a few, not much.

Mistake 6: The owner’s meals

Many parents will give the dog food leftovers, chicken liver, snacks, and other foods. In fact, these foods have little effect on the dog’s body for a short time.

However, a long period of an unbalanced diet and incomplete nutrition absorption can still have adverse effects on the dog’s health.

If we want our dog to be healthier, diet is the most important factor affecting their health.

We suggest greedy, not greasy natural dog food, low oil & salt, 0 add, contain various trace elements, rich nutrition.

Owners also need to know more about what dogs can and can’t eat to avoid serious diet problem.

Mistake 7: Chicken + Pork + Beef

  • Pets do love to eat meat, we can feed pets meat. But not too much.
  • But long-term feeding only meat will let them develop the bad habit of picky eaters, partial eclipse.
  • This also causes the pet’s mouth problem, such as tooth decay, tartar, etc.,
  • The most common problem is the smell of the mouth.
  • Meat with a spicy taste will slow the cat’s sense of smell. It’s unsuitable to feed.

Mistake 8: Feeding raw meat

Some owners think that feeding raw meat to the dog does not set anything wrong. This can preserve the freshness of the meat, the dog will like it more.

But there are too many parasites and bacteria in the raw meat. In order to keep the dog’s health, please make sure to provide healthy raw meat, best to cook well then feed.

Mistake 9: Onion

The smell of onions and onions can affect the smell of pets. Dogs that eat onions tend to have skin ringworm, while onions stimulate the stomach of cats and dogs. We can’t feed the onion to pets. Even foods such as hamburgers that contain onions.

Mistake 10: Dogs eat cat food

Some pet owners say their dogs don’t eat dog food and prefer cat food. Occasionally, cat food may not be a problem for dogs, but long-term feed can be a problem. Because cat food and dog food have different formulas, cat food contains high taurine. Too much taurine will cause dog poisoning.

Mistake 11: Late feeding at night

Feed the dog twice a day. If you fed at night, it will cause dog indigestion, abdominal hypertrophy, affect the body shape and causing obesity.

Mistake 12: Human snacks

In fact, it’s better don’t feed pets human snacks like ice cream, cream cake, moon cake and so on. Some contain too much sugar, some are not easy to digest, easy to cause obesity or diarrhea, in short, have a great impact on the pet’s stomach.

Some kinds of snacks are harmful, chocolate is a poison to dogs. Grapes are also deadly fruit for dogs. So human snacks don’t suit for pets.

Myth 13: Chocolate

The theobromine in Chocolate can cause food poisoning in dogs. Data shows that 9 grams of pure chocolate can kill a 1 kg dog. Chocolate poisoning can cause vomiting, Diarrhea, Restless urination, Hyperactivity, accelerated heart rate & breathing, even death due to loss of cardiovascular function. Be careful.

Conclusion: Do you know all of the above? What else needs special attention? Also, we have articles about dog food allergy and cat food allergy. We need to pay attention to.


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