5 top sale smart pet toys in 2019

Today with the rapid development of smart technology, smart pet toys have become the choice of more and more pet owners. These smart toys not only bring fun and exercise to pets, but also help owners better understand and care for their pets through intelligent design and functions. In 2019, five smart pet toys stood out and became the best-selling products on the market.

1. Pet smart toy ball

After we go out, are you worried that your pet is bored at home? This smart toy ball can help to entertain your pets, and you don’t need to worry the pets are lonely.

Pet smart toy ball

2. Smart toys that respond to the dog’s emotions

This Y-shaped smart toy is positioned as an “anti-drug that can retrieve the dog’s patience.” In terms of functional design, it has a built-in drive system that responds to dog emotions. The Y-shaped smart toy has 5 different kinds of patterns that respond to the dog’s 5 different emotions such as boredom, madness, satisfaction, and arrogance fully meeting the requirements of users and bringing more fun to pet life.

Smart toys that respond to the dog’s emotions

3. Automatic ball launcher for dogs

The automatic ball launcher is suitable for small or medium-sized pet dogs. The dog can play happily by self-picking and putting it into the launch device. Then the automatic ball launcher will throw out the all at 3 different distances randomly.

This ball launcher machine is aimed when owners who often don’t have time to accompany pets. At the same time, this product has limitations. For example, your dog does not like to play the ball at all.

Dog self-bounce ball picker

4. pet remote control laser

The laser toys can emit a floating red laser light point. It can help to entertain the cat, even the laziest cat. The smart device can operate through the mobile app, and the “trap” designed by the laser for the pet can be seen on the software interface.

How to use the smart laser cat toy? Firstly, let the device make a sound to excite the cat or dog to pay attention, secondly, we can adjust the laser emission direction on the screen of the mobile phone. Also, we can set the smart laser toy on generates random patterns. These processes can be recorded by the built-in camera of the pet remote control laser. The smart toy automatically turns the laser off after 15 minutes to prevent your cat from being over-stimulated and keep the game exciting.

pet remote control laser

5. Interactive Dog food dispenser ball

It is possible to let the “single-staying” dog solve the “dining” problem during playing. But it is quite different from the ordinary feeders on the market. The interactive dog food dispenser ball can emit a sound timely, the sound will remind the dog at snack time. After hearing the sound, the dog will come and roll the ball, and the snack will fall out from a small hole in the ball. It is also a nice remote smart pet feeder.

Interactive Dog food dispenser ball

Of course, in addition to solving the feeding problem, this boll can also help the dog to solve the loneliness, stimulate the dog to have appropriate exercise, and prevent it from destroying our room when the owner is outside.


As people care for their pets and smart technology continues to develop, the smart pet toy market will continue to show a growth trend. In the future, we can expect more innovative designs and features that allow pets and owners to interact and communicate better. Whether it’s cats, dogs or other pets, smart pet toys will become a part of their lives, bringing more fun and enrichment to their daily lives.

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