Cat food allergy

Cat food allergy is an immune-mediated adverse reaction to some foods or food additives that are ingested. It is one of the kind most common allergic reactions in cats, usually non-seasonal, and occurs at any age of cats.

1. What are the symptoms of food allergies?

  • Vomiting soon after ingestion, diarrhea, watery feces, sometimes blood mixed;
  • Visible dry skin, rough hair, and papules on the skin;
  • Eye, nose, and face are rubbed, due to itching and cause skin damage and bleeding;
  • Visible digestive system and skin symptoms, weight loss, and dehydration.
  • When exposed to and stimulus by an allergen, the cat’s smooth muscle will shrink, and cause asthma. Usually, this disease gets worse and worse, sometimes time will lead to bronchiectasis, emphysema, and even loss of life.
(The picture above shows the head of the cat with a food allergy, hair removal on the back of the neck and crusting)

2. Which kind of food cause an allergic?

The most common cat food allergy is due to protein, such as lamb, beef, pork, chicken, duck, turkey, eggs, venison, etc. In addition, milk, seafood, cereals, etc. can also cause food allergies.

3. How to do allergen test for cat?

Low-sensitivity grain feeding tests, it is strictly forbidden to feed other foods and snacks during the low-sensitivity test. The test time is 3 months. If the symptoms are significantly improved, we can judge the high probability that’s a food allergy.

A blood allergen test can detect if a cat is allergic to cat foods or some substances in contact with the environment.

4. Does cat have food allergy treatment?

  • Immediately stop feeding foods that cause allergies.
  • Seek help from a pet hospital

5. How to prevent cat food allergies?

Cat owners should always observe the reaction after eating. If they find that cats are allergic to one kind of food, we should stop feeding the food in time and switch to other foods.

If a cat who is allergic to food can receive low-sensitivity food, the prognosis is good.

Healthy cat

Allergies are not a good thing, and some allergies are very dangerous. Many cats have skin itching, erythema, and other symptoms due to food allergies. In some cases, cats may have difficulty breathing or even death.

We should take care when feeding cats foods. And drink more water, can help to keep their health. Use the automatic pet feeder can help to weight the food per meal. Hope our article can help you, and your comment and new suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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