Why cat love bites? | How to avoid bite Electrical Cords?

When we have a nice cat in our family, We will find cat love to bites.

Why do cats love to bites?

Biting is a form of communication for cats

Sometimes cats love to bite us, at our shoes, and our fingers, Especially at kitty cuddle time. Now that is just a “love bite”, Biting is a form of communication for cats. Also, the bite can express the emotion of fear, aggression, defensiveness, or acting territorially.

Biting help the cat’s teeth developing

Cats are generally active and curious, especially young cats, their teeth are developing, five months or so begin to change teeth, so young cats often like to bite people, bite wires, and chew newspapers and books, it is with the help of these behaviors in grinding teeth.

Biting is the cat’s game type attack

If only a cat is in the home, it will use one finger as its playmate and “enemy”, and suddenly made the action of bite, this behavior is called a “game-type attack”, this is the cat in the need and inevitable stages of growth in the process of development, for nature so would deliberately bite or with small teeth to play to each person’s fingers. This usually doesn’t hurt very much.

This biting play is actually a learning process

Cats, like all predatory predators, face competition from birth, and even before they open their eyes, they instinctively begin to compete with each other for the teats that have the most milk. It’s nature’s “survival of the fittest,” and only healthy kittens can survive. When the kitten grew up, it began to play with brothers and sisters. This biting play is actually a learning process. 

cat love bites
cat love bites

How to avoid cat biting the electrical cords?

Cats love to bite so much, that we worry it’s dangerous when cats bite the electrical cords. How to avoid cats biting the electrical cords? Let us start.

  1. Use a special smell on the wire to make cats hate it. We can use toothpaste, lavender, chili oil…or others that can send out a cool, hot spicy smell. So the bad smell on the wire can let the cats go away.

    Of course, the cats are so forgetful. We need to repeat this action for a few days, then the cat will remember the special smell and stop biting the wire.

    spray lemonade image from wikihow
    Spray lemonade avoid cat bite wire
  2. Store the electrical cords and charging cables away from where the cat can immediately touch them.

  3. Keep the gaps between wire protection and terminal equipment as small as possible. 

  4. If the wire cannot be stored as a last resort, another way is to put a layer of double-sided tape on or near the wire, which can also effectively prevent the cat from biting the wire again.

  5. Prepare enough toys for the cat, There are many cat toys on the market. We can choose some for our lovely cat.

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