How to choose cat litter box?

When raising a cat, the main key task is food, cat litter, and toys enjoy the cat.  And if the cat did not go to the litter box, will bring us much bother. Choose a suit cat litter is important. Last article we have introduced.

Now we will reply how to choose a nice cat litter box?

Nice cat litter box shape.

Cat litter box shape is important.

  • As the owner, we think not too big and no need too much space is better. And no litter particle bring out.
  • As the cat, suit to use, like to use is most important.

How to choose the suit cat litter size?

When choose the cat litter size, we should consider the cat age and body size.

The very young and old cat needs the cat box bottom very low, it’s more convenient to come in and out.

For the fat cat, we suggest the cat litter should be big enough. Avoid falling over and too small space.


Conclusion, we should choose the cat litter box according to cat age and body size, the cat litter box should big enough.

How is the total enclosed cat litter box?

We think the total enclosed cat litter box is much more clean and elegant appearance in our beautiful house. But actually, that is not good for the cat.

  • The total enclosed structure will let the cat feel upset, they are nervous and want to observe around.
  • If the cat litter is too small, the cat can’t turn the body and easy to step on the feces.
  • The total enclosed structure is not good to emit the odor. The cat will hate the odor and reject to use the cat litter.
cat litter box
cat litter box

Conclusion: we suggest half-enclosed or with cover openable cat litter is better. If insist on the total enclosed cat litter box, that should be big, big, big enough.

How to choose the place to set the cat litter box?

We should help to find a quiet, covert place, that is very important to reset the cat, and let it defecate securely.

Also, the place should not be too far from the normal daily place.

How to choose the cat litter box number?

This issue is very important to the family that raised many cats. The cat can’t accept other cats’ excrement odor, also they won’t share the litter box with others.

So we should prepare enough litter boxes for the cats. And also put the litter boxes in different places, and divide them.

Even if there’s only one cat, we can prepare 2 cat litter boxes. Many cats like to pee in one box, and shit at the other box.

cat litter box number
cat litter box number
cat litter box fence
cat litter box fence

Choose suit cat litter is also very important

  • For cats, a small particle is good, with a fine claw-feel, and a bit of heavy texture that feels good when buried. So close to natural sand is better.

    Cats don’t want fragrance added to the cat litter, no odorless is better.

    We should put enough cat litter in the box, height of at least 5~10cm. It’s enough for a cat to parcel the excrement.

    we can spread the cat litter high on both sides and low in the middle, it is easier for the cat to bury the excrement. Very good service and experience.

cat litter shape
cat litter shape

Most important CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN.

As good cat owners, we should clean the cat litter timely and keep the cat litter and box clean.

  • Clear away the duty 1~2 times per day.
  • Clean the cat litter box completely and disinfect it every week.
  • Also, clean the room, keep the atmosphere clean and good smell.
  • Change new cat litter box when necessary. Old ones will have vestigial odor and easy-to-breed bacteria.

When concerned about the above, the cats will enjoy the service. Enjoy the cute cat then.


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  1. jack stiles

    I didn’t know before that you should clean out your cat’s litter box twice a day. We are wanting to get new litter for our cat that won’t allow odors to linger in our home, and it will be important for us to know that we could take proper care of it. I will be sure to consider cleaning it twice a day.

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