Dogs are cute, loyal, and dependent on human, and today, family dogs are part of the family. Bring people a lot of happiness and benefits. Here, we introduce information about dogs. We share how to choose a dog, dog habits, dog knowledge.

In addition, we also introduce dog products, including dog food, automatic dog feeder, dog tracker, dog toys, monitor and tracker, etc. We also introduced the dog product manufacturers, some dog service brands. How to choose a dog product? How to find a manufacturer. Hope to provide advice for consumers.

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dog food allergy

Dog food allergy

Dogs are omnivores and they prefer meat. They like to eat meat, but occasionally they can eat some fresh vegetables. Of course, the dogs can’t eat everything, and some foods can make dogs allergic. 1. Which dogs are prone to food allergies? Breeds of dogs that are prone to food allergy include Cocker Spaniel, Springer …

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benefits of owning a dog

Benefits of owning a dog

Nowadays modern family has a variety of new models, people are also facing many new contradictions, and need to constantly coordinate and solve them. The tense pace of life and the implicit character often make us don’t have enough opportunities to communicate and express ourselves. In this situation, people desperately need a very light, neutral, …

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