Which kind of dog easy to become fat?

Some dogs are easy to become fat, and even if they only eat a little something, they will become very fat. In the article, we share the dog food allergies. We should take care of it. Today, let’s take a look at these dogs with an easy-to-fat physique. There are twelve kinds of easy-to-fat dogs, let me introduce them as follows

1. Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a super gentle and docile giant dog. It is inherently lazy, so it is most likely to gain weight. Because it is too big, obesity can easily lead to dysplasia on the elbow joint and hip joint. So we should pay attention to their movements, don’t make them too fat, otherwise, the dog will suffer for a lifetime. We can prepare some smart pet toys and prepare a suit dog strap, take them to do plenty of exercises outside.

Newfoundland photo

2. Pug

The best thing about this Pug is its eyes. Its eyes are watery, particularly large, and very beautiful. In addition to the eyes, Pug has a good character and is very loyal to the owner. However, it also has a drawback. He eats a large amount of food and easy fat. In only one case, the pug will leave its owner, that is when it sees food and eats it. Then there is no owner at all. Because it’s crazy for food, the pug has huge potential to be fat. Some owners laughing: huge and crazy of food, plus lazy, all day at home, who will fat, except pug?

Pug photo

3. Dachshund

The dachshund’s body is long, grounded, with short legs, fully energetic and strong muscular, and the skin is elastic and flexible. The dachshund is a lively and brave hunting dog. It is a lively character and loves to be noisy. It is loved by many people. This dog is also very easy to gain weight. The owner shouldn’t feed too much to avoid being overweight, and the dachshund should be exercised regularly to maintain a healthy body shape.

Dachshund photo

4. Bulldog

Bulldog is a medium-sized dog, with many folds on the face, strong muscles, and disproportionate shape. The head is big and the head circumference is almost equal to its height. Although the dog has the original fierce appearance, the temperament is very kind, loyal, and obedient. Bulldog is loved by many people. The bulldog is very easy to gain weight, so the owner should pay attention to the diet and keep them plenty amount of exercise every day.

Bulldog photo

5. Cocker

Cocoa as a hound, is reasonable to say it will not be fat, but living in the city, the cocoa is spoiled by the pet owner, fed many snacks, and has very little exercise, so it is very easy to be petty fat. The cocker shape is very small, very gentle, and super cute, whoever sees, will can’t help to love it.

Cocker photo

6. Basset Hound

Basset Hound has very short legs, they are very easy to get fat. After being fat, they are very lazy and do not like to move, this will make them more and more fat. Owners should pay more attention to their diet and find ways to keep them doing plenty of exercise every day. You can use diet to promote their movements by placing food at long distances and letting them look one by one so that they can move.

Basset Hound photo

7. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is one of the world’s top guard dogs is super loyal to its owners and has high-level combat. Most people think the rottweiler’s body shape is very good. In fact, someone is not good. If the owners don’t help them control their diet and don’t do plenty of exercise, they will continue to eat, and when they finish eating, they will rest on the ground and become very fat. Its character is very similar to Pug.

However, even if it gets fat. Once the pet owner takes a lot of exercise with it, its body will become very good soon. Offen shares your rottweiler’s photo, others will know how much exercise you take recently. Nice choose.

Rottweiler photo

8. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is still not very fat when they are young, but as long as they are mature, the usual warm heart traits will make them gain potential stocks, so we must pay attention to the structure of the diet and the corresponding exercise, it really can’t be too lazy. That’s because they can eat too much, and then do not exercise leads to so fat.

Golden Retriever photo

9. Labrador Retriever

Before you raise your “Lara”, you must have mental preparation. This dog is really warm and caring. However, it also has disadvantages. A huge amount of diet is the biggest one. It is too edible, with several bowls of dog food in one meal. Black Lala is better, it like more active, and generally not fat. The yellow pull only knows to eat, only knows laziness, and rest. Once the pet owner does not pay attention, it will become very fat fast.

Labrador Retriever photo

10. Corgi

Keji is also a dog that is easy to get fat. Many times, once the owner is not careful, Keji gets fat quickly. Moreover, Keji’s legs are short. More fat shorter legs they are. So in order to help Keji have a high-level appearance, the owner must control their diet.

Corgi photo

11. Husky

There is a separate name for Husky, called “Haas pig”. I believe everyone can understand how easy it is to get fat from its name. The amount of exercise in Erha is very large, but its meal is bigger! If you don’t want others will call your Husky a “Hass pig” you must control its diet. A-ha, you have a Husky or Hass pig?

Husky photo

12. Beagle

Cute beagle dogs are very lively and clever. They have a high enthusiasm for eating. The owner can’t help to feed more when see their expressions. Plus they live in the city, if the amount of exercise is insufficient, it is easy to get fat. Getting fat will cause a lot of diseases.

Beagle photo


There are twelve kinds of dogs easy to get fat. A controlled diet and doing plenty of exercises can help to control their weight and yours. Do you know other easy-to-fat dogs? Welcome to your comments. If you like this article, please collect or share!

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