How to choose a good dog?

Now more and more people want to raise dogs. Good dogs are humans friends, can bring us many benefits, good mood, and good health. If you want to raise a dog, then you must pick a good dog, but many people don’t know how to choose a dog. They are afraid can’t choose a good one. Jack tells you how to choose a good dog.

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1. Avoid aggressive dog.

Try to avoid aggressive dogs, because it could hurt human. Especially don’t choose the dogs that attack children or strangers. If the dog is offended by the touching behavior of a child or stranger, even biting them. We think the dog is not easy to get along with and is potentially dangerous.

2. Friendly action

When you lift the dog by hand, the good ones are not struggling. If they struggle, scream, refuse and fight, This kind is difficult to training in the future. It is recommended to choose a puppy with a moderate personality and high obedience. It’s easier to train it in the future.

3. Avoid distractions

We can observe whether the dog’s gaze follows a person. Or have him look at the plastic toy, and then gently throw the object up. Normal dogs keep their eyes on objects that fall, The abnormal dog is insensitive and falls. Abnormal dogs are insensitive, indifferent to falling objects.

4. Avoid destructively dogs

Avoid destructively dogs. When alone, the dogs bite hardly, scratch, or destroy the object. We can infer that the dog can’t bear loneliness, trouble. When we outside, they will damage the furniture.

5. Avoid quirks

Pay attention to observe whether the dog has some quirks, it is better not to choose a dog has licking addiction. If the dogs eat stone, rubber or feces, poor hygiene, it is easy to have gastrointestinal diseases.

6. Healthy


The normal fat puppies’ Qu ribs should be covered by muscle and fat average, and the Qu ribs are not easy to be seen or touched clearly.


The dog’s eyes should be clear and clean. Instead, Bloodshot eyes, a white membrane, have a large number of droppings around the corners, body on eye corners outstanding, above all are unhealthy symptoms.


Firstly, put the dog in a stable place and then use your hand to make a sound on its side or behind the head, if the puppy’s reaction is to follow the sound. Look at the direction of the source, this indicates that its hearing is normal without any obstacles.

Then turn the ear out and observe the condition inside the ear. If there is an odor or sticky attachment, redness, trauma, bleeding, etc., it proves that it has damage to the inner ear or parasites in the ear. These are unhealthy performance.


The examination of the mouth is mainly in the secretions, teeth, gums, and tone. In the healthy dog’s mouth, there will be no other abnormal secretions other than saliva. If there is a foamy secretion, it means that the dog has a health problem.


The dog’s nose is wet at normal conditions. (the dog’s nose is dry after weak up). The healthy dog has a clear runny nose. The color of the snot of a healthy dog ​​stream is a clear, clear nose. If the dog has a thick yellow nose and also have a cough. It means that the dog has a respiratory disease, which may be cold, kennel cough, pneumonia, or It is the early stage of canine distemper.

When select a dog, you can hold some food and shake it in front of its nose. If it moves with your shaking hand, it means that its sense of smell is ok.


  • Checking the dog’s skin to exclude skin diseases and surface parasites. Gently separate the dog’s hair by hand. If the skin color is light pink, it means the skin is healthy. Focus on the skin around the dog’s head, under the neck, behind the ears, under the armpits, and at the base of the thighs, because these places are prone to mites.
  • If the skin is red in the form of Lumpy and flaky, it indicates that its skin has been infected with mites or fungi.
  • If a lot of small black particles are found in the hair and the skin color is not normal, it means that it may already have fleas.


The dog feces is also a measure of health. If the dog has diarrhea and very loose stool, it indicates that there is some disease in the digestive system, or the intestinal flora is damaged. The worst condition is the infection of canine parvovirus.

If you can’t see its feces, you can pick up the tail and see if there is any feces stick around the anus. Generally, only the diarrhea dog will have the anus stick on the hair around the anus. Very easy to measure.


The normal dog face is steady and full of energy. If the dog’s pace is not normal, it may be because it is too small, muscles and bones are not mature. if there is a problem on pace of the 3 month years old dogs, it means that the bones are injured or have been injured before. Some dogs also have sequelae of action due to brain damage.

Body temperature

38 -39 degrees Celsius is the normal range.


The adult dog’s footpad is fuller and firmer; the puppy’s footpad is softer and tenderer. If the footpad is cracked, it means malnutrition. If the dog’s footpad is very hard, it may be the early performance of the canine distemper.

Summary: Jack wants you to choose a good dog. Hope this article can help you.

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