Why buy a chest strap, how to choose correctly?

Peoples like to raise a dog, the dog is human’s friend, bring people many benefits.

I believe that the friends who have raised large and medium-sized dogs have such troubles when walking the dog: the dog is too strong and rampaged, and the sharks can prevent you from getting caught in minutes, A good chest strap can correct and prevent the dog from bursting.

Chest strap

Chest strap

The chest strap is more beautiful, it is more comfortable to wear, it will not stretch the neck, the chest strap will tie its whole body, it is better to control it, and the dog is hard to break free.

Chest strap


There are indeed a lot of masters who have been rid of their collars by their own dogs because when the dog and the owner pull, the owner thinks that with brute force, the dog can be won, but the result is that it breaks away from the collar.


Collars can hurt dogs, and as more and more research has pointed out, collars are not suitable for dog walking and can affect the dog’s physical condition. Although the collar can better control the dog for the owner, if it is used improperly, it will cause harm to the dog’s body and mind.

There are many important organs in the neck of the dog, once the injury is caused, the consequences are unimaginable!

Harmful effects of collars on dogs’ necks

1, Damage to Hyoid:

This small horseshoe-shaped bone is where the tongue muscles and the mouth’s lower part are attached, It is important for tongue movement and swallowing.

Collar damage: may cause difficulty swallowing and pain.

2, Damage to Vertebrae cervicales and Intervertebral disc:

The dog’s vertebrae cervicales are made up of seven vertebrae, and the intervertebral discs are made up of cartilage and collagen.

Collar damage: the compression of the collar causes abnormal movement that accelerates the degeneration, leading to arthritic and herniated discs.

dog neck bone
Dog neck bone

The principle of buying the chest strap

  • The chest strap should be comfortable to wear and not cause damage to the skin and hair.
  • The strength is enough to control the dog correctly and quickly and fix it in a certain range.
  • The material should be selected and made fine. Durable and beautiful.
  • The seams are neat and the contact surface needs to be carefully ground before it will cause unnecessary damage to the dog and the user when the new product is used.

Size measure

It is extremely important to choose the correct size of the chest strap for the safety and comfort of the dog wearing it. The easiest way to measure this is to vacate the circumference of the dog’s forelimb by about four fingers and measure the circumference around the widest point of the chest.

Tip: If you choose the wrong size, it will cause the dog to break free of the chest. Will also press the dog’s neck, unable to spread the pressure on the chest, causing crushing pain.

Measuring picture

Correct wear

While putting on the chest strap, be sure to remember to properly adjust the two straps on the chest and abdomen. If the tie is too loose, the dog can easily escape from the escape, but if the tie is too tight, it is very unfavorable for the health and comfort of the dog, because the buckle of the chest strap will also become very tight. As for rubbing the skin, it brings pain.

There are two things to keep in mind when adjusting straps:

  • The chest strap should be adjusted to a position where four fingers can be placed to ensure that the dog can move comfortably.
  • If your fingers are able to slide freely under the chest strap, the straps on the belly are adjusted to the proper position.

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