Dog shock collar – live experiment and comment!

Is it terrible to hear the word, dog shock collar? In many countries, the law forbids using the shock collar. But Many owners find it difficult and have no method to treat indocile dogs. In some families and pet training centers, they train the dogs by using electric dog shock collars.

First of all, we believe that the purpose of this collar design is not to kill the dog, just to plant the seeds of fear in the dog’s psychology so that if the dog does something incorrectly, will get the punishment of the shock. Also when they are correct, we should give some rewards, like food and praise. That helps us train the pet, and enjoy the benefits of a dog companion perfectly.

Many people want to know what the terrible experience was when the attack by shock collar. Jack randomly picked up an electric shock collar on the platform to experiment.

Dog shock collar

As shown above, this electric shock collar costs $25.99 and has both vibration mode and shock mode.

Following is the actual dictation record of the electric shock collar

No. 1 experimenter puts a collar on the arm

  • Shock level 1: According to her description, the lowest gear does not have much feeling, just a feeling of passing the current slightly: “Ah, I was charged.”
  • Shock level 2: According to the description, the pain in level 2 begins to be noticeable. The feeling is similar to being shocked by the lighter electric shock core. There are not many other discomforts.
lighter electric shock core
  • Shock level 3: Level 3 can be said to have a qualitative leap. The experiencer wants to throw the collar away, when at the shocking moment, just like unintentionally touching a very hot thing, The subconscious senses a dodge-twitching action. The action can be seen that the stimulation to the human body is quite large.

No.2 the experiencer VIVI self volunteered to test, directly on the 50th

  • Shock level 3: PLEASE DON’T ACT THIS, THAT’S VERY DANGEROUS. According to the description, when the electricity is received, it is first felt a shock numbness, followed by a hot sting. The pain pauses soon, the skin is electrically hurt to a sunken. Compared with the previous shock level, in addition to the sudden numbness and tingling, within 5 minutes after the electric shock, there will be palpitation, and nervous feelings, and there will be hot tingling in the place at the shocking part.

“It’s like cutting out each of your pores, sprinkling a pepper face, and raising a group of Sichuan ants, letting them go to your pores and feeling hot pot.” – 50-speed survivor Vivi commented on 2019.

No. 3 experience: Hell 100 files! PLEASE DON’T ACT IT, VERY DANGEROUS

In order to thoroughly understand the maximum penalty for tortured pets, a small brother in the editorial department personally tries that.

  • Shock level 3: According to the description, it’s very painful and uncomfortable pain, and has strong penetrating power in an instant, similar to using an awl to drill hard while you are still feeling the cramps. If keep the power on, the pain will always increase, and basically, 3 to 5 seconds is already the limit.
Electric shock test

“Who am I? Where am I? Hey? My arm?” – 100-speed survivor brother commented on 2019.

Then we connected the shock collar to the voltage multimeter and measured its currency:

voltage measurement test pet shock

(This is currency at shock level 100: 5.63A)

According to the survey, when the human body is attacked by currency of 4-7A, the electrical stimulation released can reach the level of discomfort for human beings, how about the small size pet dog?

According to the survey, when the human body is attacked by the currency of 4-7A, the electrical stimulation released can reach a level of discomfort for human beings, how about the small pet dog?

Jack believes that the implementation of punishment must be cautious and accurate, and more importantly, you need to understand the bottom line used, use lesser, and it is best to use it only in very special situations.

We want to remind, please don’t try the high-level shock experience. That’s very dangerous. If you need to use the pet shock collar training the dog, please train the dog when it can catch basic action, and use the shock lever beginning at the lowest level. some pet shock collar has vibratory pattern assorted with the shock pattern. So when the pets are familiar with the shock collar function, just open the vibratory pattern, and the pet will act according to our instructions.

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