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Tips to buy automatic pet feeder

automatic cat feeder

With the increasing living standards of people, there’s rapid development of urbanization and the shrinking of urban families numerals, pets have gradually become part of people’s lives in more and more families.

There are many kinds of pet products in the market, auto pet feeder, pet water feeder, pet collar, pet tracker, pet cameral, pet monitor, pet cloth, pet toys, pet food, heating mat, and so on. In this article, we will introduce the pet feeder.

When people go to work, how to feed pets becomes a problem, so automatic pet feeders instead of normal pet feeder came into the market and our lives. The pet owners mainly control the automatic pet feeder through mobile terminals such as mobile phones and pads, thereby realizing remote feeding and remote monitoring. The automatic pet feeder mainly includes remote HD video, two-way voice communication, precise timing feeding, and quantitative feeding.

How to choose the volume of the automatic feeder container?

The volume of the container in the automatic feeder is very particular when purchasing the feeder.

  • If the volume is too small, then the utility of remote feeding is lost. When the pet food is not enough what to feed if the container is empty and people is not there. So the volume should be enough both for automatic cat feeder and dog feeder.
  • If the amount of grain is too large, it will undoubtedly increase the possibility of waste, and it’s more difficult to clean the smart pet feeder container.
  • So we will mainly suggest the volume of container 3 to 5 kg. This will ensure that the cat and dog will be fed at least four days. If we will leave more than four days, in a responsible attitude towards the pet, we suggest sending the pets to foster care instead of relying on the automatic feeding machine.
Pet food

How to choose the camera pixel on the automatic pet feeder?

There are many kinds of feeders on the market, much is equipped with cameral, that help people monitor the pet and relieve the miss to pets when leaving several days.

How to choose the cameral pixel? As we can judge, higher pixel and articulation will demand higher quality of the network, which undoubtedly increases the user’s use burden. When selecting a feeder, remember that it can’t be dazzled by the advertisement of the merchant. The definition of the video pixel can be controlled by the standard 720p specification. This specification can clearly see the pet’s condition smoothly.

How to choose the material of the pet feeder?

There are 2 kinds of materials in the pet feeder, FDA food-grade ABS plastic or NON-food-grade ABS plastic. Because pets may bite the machine, it is recommended to choose FDA food-grade ABS plastic for the smart pet feeder, which safer for our pets.

remote control automatic pet feeder

BTW, The appearance of feeders on the market is mainly square and cylindrical. As we know dog like to bite the round toy naturally, so try to choose a square shape. At the same time, the height of the feeding machine should not be too high. Try to choose a feeding machine with a lower center of gravity, which can effectively prevent the pet from pushing the machine down.

Feeder material

How to choose automatic feeding quantity accuracy?

  The accuracy of feeding quantity depends on the age and feed intake of the pet. The small puppies generally need to eat less each meal and eat more meals each day. Feeding three to four times a day is suitable, the demand for the precision of each feeding quantity is higher. So be serious of the precision when purchasing a new automatic pet feeder. Adult dogs have no particular restrictions on the accuracy of feeding. As long as the feeding volume range is not very large, normal automatic pet feeders are basically optional. It is recommended that the accuracy of the selection be within ±10g normally

Try the relate APP in advance.

Before choosing the automatic pet feeder, you can download the relate APP to compare which one is better and smoother. If you don’t get the real products, you can get the idea which company is fully reinforced by judge how they invest in R&D team on the APP.

Smart feeder

After reading our tips on how to choose the automatic pet feeder, did you get any idea? You can choose the products on the website, epetor


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