Pet smart wear device – 2019 inventory

After choosing a good dog and cat, pet owners want to track the lives of their pets and monitor their health condition and diet. With the development of smart wear technology, pet owner is growing the awareness concerning health and safety of their pets, the pet smart wear device market is developing fast.

By 2024, pet smart wear devices in the field of medical diagnosis and treatment, guidance, and safety and security will account for more than a quarter of the total market.

The report points out that the main technologies used in pet wearable devices include: Global Positioning System (GPS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and sensors. The study found that the pet SmartWare device market is dominated by GPS location trackers and RFID technology. But devices with temperature sensors and motion sensors are the fastest growing. Among them, equipment that can monitor pets’ body and ambient temperature, and daily activities, such as walking and rest time, is in great demand in the global market.

Kinds of Pet SmartWare devices worth the attention

1. Pet camera

Many pet owners now want to record pet videos, upload the videos to social media, and fashion their pets into a star. GoPro Fetch is an example of a pet wearable camera. It is a pet strap that allows a pet owner to hold and control the GoPro camera. Another example is the Eyenimal Cat Videocam. The cat cam can be attached to a cat collar and can be used for night shooting.

Pet camera

2. Pet activity monitor

There are many dog ​​collar monitors on the market, which can detect the amount of dog’s exercise and sleep quality. Manufacturers say poor sleep quality is an early signature of a pet’s illness. Such products include PitPat, WonderWoof Bow Tie, and FitBark. Many of them can be connected to the app, which means that the pet owner can share the pet’s life with others. We share the article about the smart pet feeder app FAQ for reference.

Pet activity monitor
Pet activity route

3. GPS positioning tracker

There are many pet trackers that use GPS positioning systems to locate the pet’s position and send it to the owner’s smartphone. Some have additional features, such as the Motorola Scout 5000 that allow pet owners to talk to pets remotely. There are some trackers and virtual fences that alert you when a pet is out of a particular area.

The Tabcat tracker uses radiofrequency technology to monitor cat activity within 122 meters of scope. The pet owner can also send a tone to the tracker device attached to the collar to train the pet to go home.

GPS positioning tracker

4. Pet emotion sensor

According to some reports, Japanese pet technology startup languages held an advance booking press conference. At the conference, they exhibit a wearable terminal “INUPATHY” that visualizes the emotions of the dogs. When the pet owner touched four pet dogs wearing INUPATHY, the device displayed the “pleasure” emotion.

It is reported that INUPATHY can analyze the heart rate data of pet dogs and express emotions in 5 different colors. Specifically, the rainbow color means “pleasure”, white means “concentration”, green means “relaxation”, orange means “excitement”, and purple means “repression”.

Pet emotion sensor

5. Pet (dog / cat) language translator

The pet translator was originally created by the American senior animal behavior expert Kang Yi Slobokovkov based on the shouts of the groundhog. It is also because of this idea. The pet translator is starting to heat up.

Pet (dog / cat) language translator

The pet translator is divided into two types, one is to translate the human language into the language of the pet so that the pet can hear the human words to complete the mission, and the other is to translate the language of the pet into the language of the human to express the pet’s emotion and appeal. Both kinds of pet translators seem to help us communicate better with pets and establish much better close relationships. The accuracy of the pet translator can only reach 70%.


Through a review of the inventory of pet smart wearable devices in 2019, we can clearly see the rapid development and innovation of this industry. From smart collars to health monitors, smart pet wearable devices are becoming more and more powerful, bringing more convenience and safety to pet owners. In the future, we can expect this industry to continue to grow and bring more surprises and benefits to our pets.

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